Leader Furniture is the name of 23 years of experience.

Our company has adopted itself as a principle to continuously improve itself without compromising its quality product understanding since 1996, has proved itself in the sector with its new products.

We produce modular bedrooms, storage cabinets, Kitchen Cabinet, Young Room Coat Stand, Tv Unit, Sofa Set, Seating Group and all kinds of special furniture orders with computer-assisted fully automatic imported machines.

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Our mission, beyond the expectations of our customers quality and human health panel furniture and sofa sets to produce and provide services. In addition, the latest developments in technology in Eskişehir to convert the line into design; by analyzing details such as material, color, texture, economy, ergonomics; As LIDER Mobilya, who knows that we will achieve the power of our accomplishments, we will; educated and happy with our staff, we design and implement what we can be a step ahead of the world countries with the awareness of you, (we aim to be a world brand.)
Our mission is to produce high quality beyond our customers expectations and human health panel furniture and sofa sets and to offer their services.

• Targets related to all stakeholders have been set forth in the mission statement that has been shaped to embody the determined vision.
• The vision that is embodied by the mission statement is determined by which values ​​to reach.

• Eskişehir and Turkey to meet the expectations of consumers from all walks of keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront
• While meeting these expectations; With modern technology used, without compromising quality, compatible with quality prices, comfortable, comfortable, aesthetic and functional excellence with the convenience of consumers' budget providing payment facilities, environmentally friendly materials, non-environmentally friendly materials, coat furniture, sit group, sitting groups, corner sets, seats groups, iron bunk beds, kitchen cupboards, handrails, handrails, closet, bed, plinth, etc. to produce and provide all kinds of pre-sale and after-sales services
• To provide quality products and services that exceed customer expectations by adopting continuous improvement as a principle
• To provide competitive superiority to our current values
• Adopting and implementing modern management systems

• Compliance with laws and regulations
• To abide by the principles of business ethics
• Adhere to the principles of transparency
• To value labor and human
• Work hard

In short we are dedicated to be the best in this sector